Scary Saturday: Come Closer

Posted 22 February, 2014 by April @ The Steadfast Reader in Reviews

Scary Saturday: Come CloserCome Closer by Sara Gran
Published by Soho Press on 2003
Genres: Fiction, General, Horror, Psychological
Pages: 168

She Will Never Be Lonely Again . . . Amanda is happily married to Ed, works as an architect, and likes her life. But disturbances begin to upset her. Odd noises haunt their apartment. She suffers occasional blackouts, yet there is no medical explanation. She and her husband have petty squabbles; Ed seems less than lovable. The image of a beautiful woman out of her past invades Amanda’s dreams. Instead of a book she had ordered by mail, she receives Demon Possession, Past and Present . Soon after, Amanda accidentally burns her husband with a cigarette. Something seemed to take her over. She begins to study the book on possession. Does everything that has happened have a rational explanation? Are the coincidences that have occurred just that?

This was a decent little novella. I would recommend it to people who enjoy demon possession books. It’s not nearly as graphic as many books in this genre (read: The Exorcist) – which I liked. The quiet and uncertain ways in which the demon takes hold is very compelling. A random alarm went off in my basement at about 1 AM last night and I nearly peed myself. 

I’m not sure what those ellipses are about in the synopsis. I also recognize the great irony that as an atheist the demon possession genre scares me more than anything else. I’m bothered a little by the mental health element, but it’s just a part of some sub-genres of horror literature. 

At the same time I felt like it was a bit of a slow start and nearly shelved it as ‘do not finish’ after 30 pages. If you’re on an airplane or at the beach, push through – it has a fairly satisfying ending.


April @ The Steadfast Reader


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