Top Ten Books That Will Make You Swoon

Posted 11 February, 2014 by April @ The Steadfast Reader in

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So Katie from Words for Worms and I were chatting on how to make this top ten list work for us (read: me). I don’t read a whole lot of swoony romantic literature, it just doesn’t get picked up on my book radar. 

I’m all Yul Brynner in Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments

“I am Pharaoh, no I will not swoon over Mr. Darcy, nor will I let your people go. Can’t you see my heart has been hardened?! Jeeze Mose. Get it together.”

So maybe that’s not an exact quote, but I think it’s close enough if we really think about it. So let it be written and all that.

Anyway, Katie at Words for Worms pointed out that according to Merriam-Webster the literal meaning of swoon was:

This is great news. So my take on this week’s top ten are books about sleep and the nemesis to sleep: insomnia. So, here are four books where people either sleep a whole lot, or they don’t sleep at all.

  • Before I Go to Sleep: Concerns nightly amnesia (because that’s close!) ala the movie Memento
  • The Family Who Couldn’t Sleep: A Medical Mystery: is a non-fiction title that inspired the disease in the apocalyptic novel Sleepless
  • Shift (my review): The second book in the Silo Trilogy (which starts with WoolMy review), people are sleeping for hundreds of years.
  • Sleepless: The end of the world is ushered in by a disease that makes it impossible to sleep. You don’t just feel like you’re going to die from insomnia, you actually DO. I would definitely rather freeze, drown, or burn to death instead.

What about you, Reader? Are you a swooner? 
Which books get you swoony, in either sense?


April @ The Steadfast Reader


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