Guest Post Review: Lennon Revealed

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Guest Post : Michael Broderick

Lennon Revealed by: Larry Kane

First, I want thank Ms. April for this opportunity, and then I want to do this justice.

I am currently approaching my 64th year, and both grateful and somewhat surprised. I know that wears like a cliche but from this side of that little revelation it has become all the more endearing.

I am often commenting that would we could we would hold those and all things dear to us with the notion we might just defy the odds. We might keep them, and learn to truly cherish each like only duration teaches. Nothing is constant in the Universe but change. Change is ever wonderous and often maddening, but it is certain to occur, and we are forever taken where the changes carry us. As cliche’s go, there’s no turning back. So it was on December 8, 1980.

Lennon Revealed by Larry Kane is not so much a biography about arguably of the most incredible Rock Music Icons of the century as a honest look at the man, John Lennon. I was always very taken with the music, the mystique, and often the angry genious of the Man who brought the phenomena of The Beatles to the world. In the book the reader gets an up close and very personal view of John Lennon, and certainly for me, a renewed appreciation for the man, his music and his mind. Larry Kane, a veteran of television, radio and written word of the era of rock and roll was the man most fortunate to be chosen to accompany The Beatles on their ’64 and ’65 tours of North America. It simply goes with out repeating the world wide impact these then young musicians were about to unleash, and the man guiding, protecting and often taking the adverse heat was John Lennon. 

‘Genius’ is an easy word to toss across a career that was tragically cut short. Affection, appreciation and the incredible first hand and intimate viewpoint can lead to a great forgiveness and overstatement. Kane avoids these pitfalls in his book with the deft skill of his more than 45 years of professionalism and often razor keen view of Lennon. I had always had a sense of personal connection to the Artist that was John lennon, presumptuous and admittedly at times in my youth even starry eyed. He intrigued in his mysterious and deflective manner of being able to play the limelight of superstardom and yet remain an enigma, never quite what the media and his own public persona truly allowed. 

But through Kane’s book I finally learned the the famous antiwar critic was a devoted supporter of law enforcement, and raised funds for New York’s police departments. He was harassed relentlessly for being a threat to the American Public by the Nixon administration but exemplified the love and faith of a true citizen of his adopted country. He was a complicated man to be sure and Kane gives us an unvarnished view of a man driven by his libido and lifelong battle with inner demons. 

Drugs and alcohol, the vices so seemingly inherent in the lives of people of deeply driving creative spirit in so many, took Lennon dangerously close to ruin time and again. But Kane interviewed the people who both pulled Lennon down and brought him back and through their recollections and his own unique perspective. We are treated to an intensely personal and yet wonderfully objective view of the man through the eyes that saw him from the best to the worst of himself, and back again. Kane is wonderfully back and forth throughout the life and career of John Lennon, weaving a tapestry of events and people in a story that gave me a fulfilling experience and a chance to finally get to know the man I so admired on a level and perspective I had waited a long life to have the opportunity. 

Larry Kane is a clean and crisp wordsmith, reporter and sensitive writer who delivered a deeply touching and honest view of a man he first stood at odds with as an interviewer and came to know as friend, an honest friend. 

Great thanks to Mike Broderick for writing this thoughtful and lyrical guest post! As a girl who loves The Beatles, I know this one is going to the top of my TBR pile. 

What about you, Readers? Are there biographies on great artists that inspire you? 

April @ The Steadfast Reader


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