#CloudAtlasAlong: Week One

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Cloud Atlas by: David Mitchell

Parts One and Two

Note: As this is a read along spoilers are gonna spoil ladies and gentlefolk. But it’s gonna be hella fun. Don’t forget to stop by other links in the link-up and definitely visit my lovely co-host Katie at Bookish Tendencies.

If you want to read along later pick yourself up a copy and get thee to your favorite reading nook! 

Note Two: These post may or may not have all the language. But on the bright side, it’ll be colorful. 

Final Note: This post differs from many of those on The Steadfast Reader. (Of course it’s still fabulous.) But if it’s not your cup of tea, just know, we’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming, tomorrow. Also, a proper review will be published on the blog sometime in May. Read along continues every Wednesday in April.

*sigh* Confession. The first two chapters in this novel were a little bit of a trip to Yawnsville for me. I had to read the first sixteen pages three times before I managed to make it stick. I was rather taken by Dr. Goose’s crazy plan to ruin the society lady with the dentures from cannibal teeth, but other than that the journal in chapter one just didn’t grab me at all.

Chapter two picked up for me a little. Who is this guy? Who is Sixtus? I thought it was totally ballsy to hunt down a great composer who was ailing and be all “Dude. I can help you, gimme a job.” and then start banging his wife. But really, what intrigued me was who is Sixtus? And what an interesting name? I’ve over-read into chapter three, but I think that I’m officially hooked now. Keep the faith reader, it picks up.

RuPaul Can't Wait to See How This Turns Out

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