Library Love: Two Mini Reviews

Posted 12 August, 2015 by April @ The Steadfast Reader in Reviews

mt charThe Library at Mount Char by: Scott Hawkins

Mini Synopsis: Carolyn and her adopted siblings are taken in by a seemingly immortal man who has taught them strange, ancient powers. Now Father has gone missing…

Thoughts and Feelings: I thought this book was tons of fun. There was a twist and turn around every corner. Of course being a serious reader anything with the word ‘library’ in the title or about ‘librarians’ is going to appeal to me. This isn’t an overly literary book, not a whole lot of deep themes for discussion or anything, but I have to say it’s an immensely readable book where it’s nearly impossible to figure out what comes next. Highly recommended.

Who’s Going to Like it? Science fiction/fantasy people are going to like it, the apocalyptic crowd might find parts of it appealing as well. People who stick completely with literary fiction… hard to say. 4.5/5



strange libraryThe Strange Library by: Haruki Murakami

Mini Synopsis: (Goodreads) A lonely boy, a mysterious girl, and a tormented sheep man plot their escape from the nightmarish library of internationally acclaimed, best-selling Haruki Murakami’s wild imagination.

Thoughts and Feelings: Well clearly I couldn’t write a synopsis better than that. This was my second Murakami after the epic 1Q84, it was so different! I loved this little barely novella. It had the feeling of a fairy tale in both style and substance. It was so delightful and charming while at the same time being creepy and weird. Fantastic!

Who’s Going to Like it? Hard core Murakami fans, obviously. Also anyone looking for a little bit of magical, creepy, weirdness. 5/5 stars

Of course our resident Murakami fangirl over at Lovely Bookshelf has a great review of The Strange Library.


Has anyone read either of these? Thoughts? Feelings? Read any good library themed books lately, Reader?


April @ The Steadfast Reader


  • I like your format for these minis! And – I LOVED 1Q84, but was a bit underwhelmed with Colorless Tsukuru and have been trying to figure out what Murakami to read next. Would this one likely appeal to a fan of 1Q84, but not so much of Colorless?

  • YAY! So glad you dug Char as well. I think you have a great point that strict lit-fic fans might find this one tougher to get into.

    And The Strange Library sounds like all sorts of bizarre Murakami fun.

  • Yes! Another Mount Char fan. It was so unique. Did you know the Author writes computer programming books? I asked him a goodreads question and he answered that his next book will have a little more of a techy side to it. I really need to try Murakami again, I wasn’t thrilled with “Wind up Bird” and that is a favorite among fans.

    • Ooo! I’m looking forward to that! Like I said I’m not big into Murakami either and I really liked this one.

  • Mount Char was only “just fine” for me, and after (FINALLY) reading my first Murakami, this sounds like one I need to get to.

  • hahaha yay, I’m known as the resident Murakami fangirl, that makes me so happy!!
    I’m going to HAVE to pick out Mount Char.

  • If it’s good for the resident Murakami fangirl, I’m in. 😉

  • Thanks to you I’m really looking forward to Mount Char. It’s on my hold list at the library.

    For me it’s not the word library- it’s even broader. Book. Anything that hints to be fiction about books, bookstores, booksellers and I’m there. Unfortunately, it’s backfired with the last reads which were stinkers so I may have to re-evaluate.