Sunday Salon: Sainthood Edition

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Time // 9:22 AM EDT

Place // The doghouse. I pulled what I like to refer to as ‘a man’, but what is more accurately described in my relationship as ‘an April’ and made a major purchase of a new phone without consulting The Mister. While lying in bed next to him… … I promise it was less sneakiness and more thoughtlessness. When the iPhone6 came out last year I was an idiot and used my upgrade to only get the one with 16 gigs of storage, I had to have more… like 112 gigs more. The man really should be a candidate for sainthood for putting up with me. He doesn’t even read this, so you know I must mean it.

Reading // Finishing up the audio for Jo Nesbø’s The Son, a decent enough Scandinavian thriller I guess. Also about to finish up reading Atwood’s upcoming The Heart Goes Last, as I suspected it is basically the entirety of the published Positron Serials in one book, expanded, and with (I hope!) an ending. I’m not sure what’s next up though, I got a recommendation from a co-worker that looks pretty intriguing. Huzzah for free-range reading!

Happenings // Went to a birthday party with friends on Friday night at a local establishment resembling a Dave and Buster’s with an indoor go-kart track. It’s been a million years since I went go-karting, played skee-ball, or arcade games in general. To end the night a group of us ended up in the parking lot behind a Krispy Kreme at midnight just goofing off and eating doughnuts. (The dining room was closed, okay?!)  Ah, to be sixteen again. Good times. (…and another example of why The Mister is a damned saint, he stayed home with The Girl so I could pretend I was sixteen.)

playing video games

We’re terminating machines.

Family // The Girl started her new Montessori school this week. We had some hiccoughs because I pulled an April and never opened the ‘Welcome Letter’ email that the school sent. I mean… seriously, ‘welcome letter’ sounds like there’s nothing at all substantive in it. Well, there was and it was Wednesday before I hunted down the required white cloth napkins we were supposed to be sending with her lunchbox. I thought The Mister was going to have a stroke. But that’s all sorted out now.

Trying to buy // a house. We’re putting in a bid today on house number four (we’ve already bid and lost on three prior houses), this is important because we got an email this morning from our ridiculous landlords saying they’ve sold the rental that we’re living in and would like to close ASAP. (We weren’t even aware it was on the market and if they’ve been showing it we haven’t known.) Fingers crossed.

Confessed // to much of the office that I have a blog. I’m terrible at keeping my own secrets, but great at keeping secrets that belong to others. Hi Office!! *waves*

Edit //  I also wanted to share this post from some dear IRL friends about dealing with scary things during pregnancy. Get your tissues out.

What about you, Reader? Have you had an eventful week? Tell me!


April @ The Steadfast Reader


  • Bryan G. Robinson

    The library where I work is having a book sale and it started Thursday afternoon and runs through next Saturday so it was pretty eventful on that front. Reading, not as much.

    Your husband must be a saint for putting up with you. 🙂 and 😉 I watched some of your antics on Periscope so I have some idea. Again ;).

    And I second your emotion on free-range reading. Go, go, go! But where, who knows? That’s what’s awesome about it. Have some ideas, but then might zag instead of zig.

    • Oh lord, the Periscope. Yes, you totally know Bryan. 🙂 Though I’m definitely worse with Miss AnnaSaurus Rex (my sister). 🙂

      Also jealous. I luuurveeee library sales.

  • Oh gosh. girl. Good luck on the house, most of all. Are they allowed to show it without notice to you? You could’ve had financial papers out on the table or something.
    Montessori is a great program. I thought about working in a Montessori school. I just decided I liked Vygotsky more, as well as a bit more freedom for creativity. But that’s a personal teaching preference.
    The hubs does sound like he has given you an awesome week. 🙂
    I watched Horns last night. Have you seen it? I saw you read the book when I went to add it to my to-read list before I even had finished the movie. Holy crap I loved that movie.

    • I have NOT seen the movie… but clearly I desperately need to! I was a Montessori kid but I don’t remember the cloth napkins. My parents were as poor as church mice so my mom cleaned the school for reduced tuition. It sounds like the start of a Dickens novel or something. 🙂

      They technically can’t come in without 24 hours notice to us, but they DID mention a few months ago that their parents might want to buy it… but we’ve been having other troubles with them (they hate cats) so I think it might be a ploy to get us out… either way… we liked the house that we looked at yesterday.

  • I always love when people have nice things to say about their spouses. 🙂 A few people at my work know I have a blog now too, and it hasn’t been *as* horrifying as I imagined.

  • I almost fainted when a coworker told me she’d read one of my blog posts. I’ve shared a couple things on Facebook, but I never expected anyone IRL to, you know, CLICK on it.

    VERY excited to get to the Atwood now that I know it has your blessing.

    Enjoy your new phone and your saint of a husband!

    Also, I don’t think I’ll ever be too old for skeeball and arcade shooters.

    • LOL Right?! When I got this job I had to make the hard decision whether or not to identify myself on Facebook because the only thing their social media person could find was my LinkedIn account. #winning! 🙂

      • That IS winning! Pretty sure you can find my embarrassing old MySpace page… wish I remembered the password so I could delete it. 😉

  • Darlebe @ Lost in Literature

    Dang girl! White cloth napkins for little ones??

  • What….your daughter is required to have cloth napkins at school lunch?!! Why?! I have some that live in a drawer and are brought out about once a year…if that! Next thing will be finger bowls? That makes me laugh! And – congrats on outing your blogging self at work!

    • We couldn’t find our cloth napkins when we realized we needed them and hubs was like, ‘WHAT ARE WE?? SAVAGES??’ … it’s because we never use them. 🙂

  • I’ve got The Heart Goes Last waiting in the wings, possibly up next after I finish my current NetGalley ARC. Hell, I’m still reeling from The Handmaid’s Tale, so if all her books are like that, my brain may explode. 😉

  • You’ve had quite an eventful week! I don’t know much about schools, Montessori or otherwise, but white cloth napkins?! Whoa.

  • Craziness about the house! I’ll be sending a ton of good real estate vibes your way so you find the perfect one.

  • What?! How is it I didn’t know about your rental going away? So, glad this worked out and that you’ll have a great new place of your own.

    • I dunno… maybe we’ve been preoccupied with other things when we talk? 🙂 My landlords are the worst. 🙂