Sunday Salon : December Edition

Posted 6 December, 2015 by April @ The Steadfast Reader in blogging


Time // 3:37 EST

Working // On Christmasing the house for The Girl. Personally, Christmas is one of my least favorite holidays, but you know… it’s for the kids, etc. Yesterday we put of the tree and today I put up the sixteen foot Darth Vader in the yard. It. Is. Fabulous. See: Instagram. Child for scale.

Reading //  Like a fiend! Fates and Furies really was a slump buster, and currently I’m four books behind in my Goodreads challenge, but I’m busting my hump to get to my goal of 105 before the year ends.

Attending // The local Bar Association’s Christmas party next Friday. Networking… it’s the best worst. But I have a pretty green dress to wear, so there’s that.

Thinking // …of lots of things, but my desire to get back to the books seems to have driven what I was going to say out of my mind.

Looking Forward // The hubs 50th birthday is at the end of the month so I’ve planned a trip to New York City to celebrate. We have some tickets to Hamilton, which I’m super psyched about and we’ll be there for New Year’s Eve, with a hotel that overlooks Time’s Square. So we can check that off the bucket list. Note: We have no intention of going IN TO Time’s Square on NYE, just to overlook it from the roof of our hotel which is offering an open bar from 9 pm – 2 am.

What plans do you have for the holidays, Reader? 

April @ The Steadfast Reader


  • Bryan G. Robinson

    So what have the neighbors said? Are they kicking your family out of the neighborhood?

    And really, although you know my opinion already via Twitter :), I don’t think you need to get so stressed out by the number of books you read for the year. I’m sure whatever number you get to will be fine, because it’s about the quality of the books you read, not the quantity.

    Holidays? No big plans, to be honest. My wife works midnight shift throughout the holidays but I have a few days on Christmas and a few for New Year’s, so will be home during the days to bother her. 😉

    • Nothing… yet. Vader just went up this afternoon.

      I’m not really stressed… I just like to meet my goals. Next year I will reduce it because of the job. Like I said, I’m not reducing myself to twaddle, I’m just perhaps denying myself television that I also feel like I need to ‘catch up’ on, and also planning to start the ‘harder’ books at the beginning of next year. 🙂 If I didn’t want to read it… it would actually slow me down, no matter how ‘easy’ the read. 🙂

      Your holiday plans sound heavenly to me. 🙂

  • nordie@writing about books

    Every year my mother complains about doing Christmas, every year we suggest “next year we do a hotel” and every year she’s up in arms at the suggestion. So naturally will be down with the Olds this year, and (one of) my brother(s) will be up with the kids so that will be fun.

    I try to keep to the rule of “Families are like fruit – they go off after 3 days”. So push comes to shove I’m there from Christmas Eve, then leave Boxing Day, or maybe the day after. It’s safer all round that way!

    • We have officially abandoned the cooking for both U.S. Thanksgiving and Christmas. We “do a hotel” and a fabulous buffet for the meal. I love it, she loves it, everyone loves it. 🙂 It FEELS more expensive, but with what my time is worth, etc. I really think that we come out ahead in the long run 🙂

      My mom will be here past Boxing Day, but since we’re leaving — I think it will be okay. 🙂

  • I’ve been doing additional Christmas things to the house today. I might’ve added an ugly sweater party blow-up to the front yard, lighted weenie dogs, and little Christmas trees down the walkway. I’ve also mowed the yard, cleaned, cleaned some more, and wrapped all the gifts. It’s all I can do not to nap in the middle of this comment. As for our Christmas plans, the kiddo is going to be in New York with his dad, so this will be the first Christmas in his life that we’re not together for at least half of it. It bums me out, but it’s a thing that had to happen sometime. Cheers to reading all the books! I know you’re going to reach that goal.

  • AnneBennett

    Darth Vader (HUGE) cracks me up. I’d like to see it in person. I want to read the FATES and the FURIES now that I know it is a slump buster.

  • Love your Darth Vader! And, after living near Times Square for almost 10 years, I would say your decision to watch from the roof is a smart one 🙂 Trust me, you’re not missing anything down there!

  • Make sure you show pics of your pretty green dress 😀 Your Darth Vader made my day yesterday. Every time I’d see the pic I’d giggle and giggle.

  • Darlene @ Lost in Literature

    For Lord’s sake, don’t fall off the roof in Times Square!
    And I’m so jealous about you seeing Hamilton. I guess I’ll try to catch it off Broadway in a few years.:)
    My daughter really wants to “Vader up” our Christmas tree but the hubs was like, “no”.
    Love the blow up though, he’s huge!!