Sunday Salon: “Yeah, Keep Ranting. We Know Who’s Really Doing the Planting”

Posted 24 January, 2016 by April @ The Steadfast Reader in blogging, memes


Time //  11:46 A.M. EDT

Happenings // I’ve been dealing with a lot of family/childrearing drama. See my Open Letter to Nameless Atlanta-Metro Montessori, but I think that nightmare has run itself down. Thank goodness.

Thinking // About the community. I’m coming up on almost three years of book blogging. Of course I’ve been blogging since, ’99 or 2000 using sites like Xanga, Livejournal, and Deadjournal respectively. I suspect I’m not alone in having been a personal blogger long before becoming a book blogger. In fact I know I’m not alone (hi Monika!!).

There’s been a lot of Twitter chatter and subtweets that seem to be floating around that, whether their authors intend so or not, make the authors themselves seem like crotchety old hens (or cocks). I don’t understand the need for these people to tear down “new” bloggers through subtweets on how wrong they’re doing things. Whether it’s what we choose to read, how we choose to set up our blogs, or whatever I just wonder why people concern themselves with so much of it.

Can we also talk about // how it’s okay to write about things that have already been written about before? Everything under the sun has been done once or twice before, so why do we take the dismissive attitude of ‘been there done that’ when another blogger brings up a discussion point? My personal bugaboo is when people dismiss discussions on plagiarism, but that’s not the only thing that we tend to get dismissive of.

Subtweeting // Drives me battyI know, let he without sin… etc. But there are those out there who do it way more than others almost whimsically. If there are posts that bug us so much why are we taking the time to read them, let alone subtweet about them? Why not leave a constructive comment on the post and let the person know how we feel? What’s the use of subtweeting?

Yes. I see the irony that there are those who will view this post as a massive subtweet – but I’ll go ahead and tell you right now, I’m not talking about any one person, or any groups of people – I’m just putting this out there for everyone’s consideration.

Look // I’m not the blogging police, nor do I have the time, energy, or inclination to be. I just don’t understand why we can’t be decent to one another.

Well, that’s all she wrote, Reader. I’m done with the ranting. Admittedly I’ve been less than active in the community lately, but the cracks seem to be widening and I wish there were a way to reverse it.


April @ The Steadfast Reader


  • I’m SO out of the loop… I’ve seen some rumblings of some of this… but have NO idea what the original beef is or content referred to… and that’s just fine with me. I’ll sit over here with my little ‘ole blog and be happy as heck I’ve found the blogger community I have 🙂

    • Honestly, I’m pretty out of it myself. I’m not privvy to what the subtweeting, etc. is actually about, just noting a disturbing trend.

  • I saw the rumblings, tried to tune them out. Not interested in a book blogger version of a good ol’ boys club, kwim? New vs. old, who cares? It’s not like READING is new to any of us! And getting upset over “rehashed” topics, that’s just silly. There’s always the potential for a fresh/different perspective. And even if nothing new is said, sometimes a reminder of what was said before is…necessary.

    • I only heard about the rumblings when a select group of lovely ladies began talking about it in private. 😉 Like civilized folk.

  • I think there’s definitely room for more support and less complaining, even when it comes to bloggers we don’t usually interact with. The subtweeting thing just seems to unnecessarily stir the pot and create a false sense of “drama” when there really is none – it’s rarely better than sharing with a small group or addressing the situation directly.

  • debnance

    I’ve never heard of subtweeting! Oh my! I really feel out of it.

  • I obs live under a rock as I have no idea what the latest drama is. (I hope you’re a-ok, April! 😉 )

  • Because you brought up I’m going to jump right in with my own opinion and repercussions be damned. I am SICK AND TIRED of people using the length of time they’ve been book blogging to justify catty, judgmental behavior about other book bloggers. Tweeting/subtweeting whatever. If you have to preface your remarks with “I’ve been blogging for 12 years” then I’m tuning you out. Why? Because it has nothing to do with quality. OK, you’ve been blogging for that long but maybe you’ve overstayed your welcome and your blog is as tired and worn-out as you are.

  • Hallelujah, sister. I’ll never, ever understand public kvetching about other people. Go grab a cup of coffee and bitch to a friend. In private. Like a civilized person.

    Serenity now… 😉

  • So….this may sound completely naive, but what the heck is subtweeting?! And – I’m all for everyone doing things their own way with their own spin in the blogging world…that’s what keeps things interesting. If everyone blogged the exact same way, wouldn’t it be incredibly dull?!

    • It’s basically where you talk about someone or a group of people (often in a vague way) without directly giving them the opportunity to discuss (usually by tagging).

  • Haha, I’m another person who’s completely unaware of the drama. I’ve noticed that’s typically the case in life and online and I’m glad – I enjoy my obliviousness 🙂

  • Bryan G. Robinson

    Hope the family/childrearing drama hasn’t “reared” its ugly head again for you.

    Subtweeting: Guilty. I think you have a good point here as I do those who have been around for years (like myself – I wont’ say how many years, that’s for Catherine’s early comment ;)) that are doing the subtweeting. Why can’t we all just get along? Let’s just blog and shut the hell up about the process…or NOT. My motto for the new year, or trying for it to be, is “It’s all good.” So hey, it’s all good.

    Sadly, I don’t know if there is a way to narrow the cracks but I think it’s good that you’re at least attempting the discussion.

    • As Amy Poheler says, YES, PLEASE. 🙂

      I’m guilty of subtweeting too, but I’m trying to be more mindful of it.

  • I don’t think I’ve seen any of this particular drama, and I’m happy to keep it that way. 🙂

  • Well, as with most of us, I’m out of the loop on this negative drama crap and intend to stay that way. I don’t indulge in any drama unless I absolutely must…hence my recent resignation from my local library Board of Trustees! 🙂 Yep! My mother provided enough of that during my younger years so I need no more of it! We should all just get along. I mean, really, if you don’t like someone’s blog or blog post or whatever, then DON’T GO THERE!! Pretty simple and easy!

    • Agreed. I also was provided with plenty of family supplied drama growing up so I hear you. Plus I’m a prosecutor so I get drama from defendants every day of my life. 🙂

      Alas, I have an overinflated sense of justice and perhaps, to my detriment, a need to call thing out when I seen them. I gotta get control of that impulse. 🙂

      • Oh, I don’t know. Society needs some of us who are willing to call ’em as we see ’em. If not, how would any change ever begin? 🙂 It has been tough sometimes for me to learn to temper myself in that regard, but I do manage to get through to some people, just perhaps in a quieter more subtle “nicer” way than in the past. Oh, yeah…a prosecutor. Good thing you’ve had experience with that drama! 🙂

  • I think I missed something but thanks for sharing! I wish everyone could just do their own thing – if you don’t like what someone else is doing with their blog, then don’t read it. I’m not sure what this is referring to specifically (plus this is an “older” post so my memory may just be fuzzy) but it sounds like it may be more of the same.