That Obligatory ‘How My Reading Year Went’ Post

Posted 2 January, 2016 by April @ The Steadfast Reader in musings

‘Tis the season! I don’t do my ‘best of’ list until June… because you’re all sick to death of best of’s… plus it gives me some more time to read some 2015 titles… win win for everyone. However, it is time for the obligatory post on how my reading year went. So without further ado, let’s discuss our wins and losses.


After the epic failure of 2014, I kept my goals simple and only participated in my own self imposed Goodreads challenge, which I almost didn’t make… but did! (Thanks to Joe Hill’s graphic novel series Locke & Key, which is amazing and you should read, like, yesterday.)

  • Goal set 1 January 2015: 105 books. I can’t find a page goal that I set.
    • Actually read: 109 books, 38,690 pages

reading goal

So let’s break it down a little more!


source of books

Oooo. Girl. Nothing to be proud of here.

  • 21 galleys (19.3%)
  • 4 purchased from a brick and mortar new bookstore (3.7%)
  • 9 received as gifts (8.3%)
  • SIXTY SEVEN (67) purchased through Amazon (61.5%)
  • 8 checked out from the library (7.4%)

Page count breakdown

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 11.57.01 PM

Enough said, I think. I like books that are about in the 350 page range.

Nationality of Author

author books

Yeahhhh… it’s pretty apparent I read primarily US and UK authors. I put in a special category for Australian authors because I felt like I was reading a lot of Aussie Lit…. I guess not…

Gender of Authors

author gender

So this year I read more men than women, which is unusual for me… the ‘MF’ category is for things like anthologies which have both men and women writing in them.

How I Read

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 12.05.06 AM

I will not be ashamed!!! I love my Kindle and I will not lie. This is perhaps a new record for me in the number of audiobooks that I’ve listened to in a year, but I’ve done a lot of commuting… and my job is mentally demanding, so sometimes instead of reading with my eyes before I go to sleep, reading with my ears is easier.

  • 23 galley books (mostly e-Galleys)… (21.1%)
  • 10 paperbacks (9.2%)
  • 11 hardcovers (10%)
  • 42 e-Books (not including e-Galleys) (38.5%)
  • 23 audiobooks (21.1%)

et cetera

I only read eight books towards my 1001 Books project. One book at a time I suppose…

I contributed and helped to found the fabulous Socratic Salon. I kept up with the best four goddamned book bloggers that I know… (Catherine, Jennifer, Monika, and Shannon), I got a little out of the game after I got a job… but no one holds that against me… I think. One of my best good friends from college, Heather, got into the book blogging sphere (though I’ve sucked at getting to her site and commenting and supporting her …. but…. yeahhhhh #NoExcuse)

But… overall… it’s been a good bookish year!

How was your bookish reading year, Reader? Have I alienated you by not coming by your blog enough? By not blogging on my own enough? Help me try to improve myself! I love each and every one of you that takes the time to read this little ongoing project of mine. 2+ years in the making, I can hardly believe it. Tell me about you!

I love you all!


April @ The Steadfast Reader



18 Responses to “That Obligatory ‘How My Reading Year Went’ Post”

  1. Since I can’t compete in the stats arena I’ll bludgeon you with sheer numbers- 158 books read, beyotch. Of course, I have no job and no child and a husband who does all the cooking so it’s not much of an achievement, but I’ll take it. The reading was a roller coaster- more DNFs than ever but that may be bc I’m not willing to hang in there of meh books.

    Considering what you’ve had on your plate since this summer, don’t apologize. Just think this time last year we were having to deal with a raging plagiarist in the book blogging world- this year has got to be better, right?!

  2. This is really interesting – did you collate all this info as you went along, or does Goodreads have a fabulous tool which does it for you? I’m guessing probably not…I’ve read more books this year, and I imagine more pages, but I’m not sure how I figure that out…time to decide what goal to set this year. Sad but I find that quite exciting! And thanks for the names of, and links to, other great bloggers – I know Shannon’s fabulous blog, but I’m not sure if I’ve discovered the rest. It’s always interesting getting to know bloggers abroad too (I’m in Scotland) – though it’s a downer when you have to wait on a great book coming out, or, worse, it doesn’t come out in your country at all!

  3. Do not be ashamed of the Kindle!!! I love mine too and do 100% (literally) of my reading on it. I’ve tried going back to real books every now and then and I can’t seem to make it stick. Whatever works best for you is what I say!

  4. Oh my, how I do love all the graphs on ya’ll’s blogs. I’ve really loved seeing what you ladies have done with Socratic Salon, and can’t wait to see what the new year has in store.

    I think most (reasonable) people understand the struggle of managing a full time job, family, life with blogging, and it’s okay to take some time to figure it out. (I’m saying this as someone who just took about 3 months off blogging and reading herself… so maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part….).

    Can’t wait to chat it up during #TOB16!

  5. Gah! Love these stats and I did intend on using some spreadsheets this year but NOPE, didn’t happen 😉 We read the same amount of books which is pretty darn funny. 23 audiobooks! That’s amazing to me, especially considering that I’ve never listened to one in my life. This year has definitely been the most interesting in our little corner of the web. I’m so so so glad to have hooked up with you ladies. You’re the best.

  6. Whew, you got some fancy lookin’ stats here haha. Good lord, I love charts so much. Anyway, congrats on meeting your Goodreads goal & good luck with your goals for 2016!

  7. These posts are a bit obligatory aren’t they? But I have to say as I finished mine today I was like wow, I read a lot by white people and females and U.S. authors. Yikes! Most of them are review books, too, so maybe reading more from my own books this year will help that? I sure hope so.

  8. I feel so alienated by your absence from my blog. Yeesh, April! 😉 But, seriously, thanks for “encouraging” me to blog. It’s been the best things that’s come out of 2015 for me! 🙂

    I’ve been doing the nightly audiobook thing now for a little while, and I usually fall asleep to it. I think it causes me to have weird bookish dreams sometimes… I expect I’ll be ravaged by a 18th Scottish highlander one of these nights (I’m listening to Outlander). LOL

  9. You’ve alienated us of course. But I still keep coming back. And you’re too hard on yourself, lady. I read 36 book and am pretty happy about it. Now I know you feel better with my measly 36 hahaha !

  10. Dang, woman. You got yourself a crazy demanding new job AND still managed to read 109 books?! You put us all to shame. Here’s to more good reading in 2016!

    P.S. I love my Kindle, too. E-readers unite!