Sunday Salon: Justice Scalia Edition

Posted 14 February, 2016 by April @ The Steadfast Reader in memes, musings


Time // 8:11 A.M. EDT

News // In U.S. politics, of course Justice Scalia is dead. It’s too soon for the Dick Cheney jokes, but there you have it. This is a huge game changer both with the court and with the upcoming presidential elections. President Obama, for his part, has vowed to have a replacement appointed before he leaves office — but whether he can do that remains to be seen. Vox published an interesting article on who he might nominate and who has the best chances of getting confirmed, assuming the Senate Republicans aren’t just blocking nominations to be politically difficult.

But can they really do that? The Washington Post seems to think they might and SCOTUSblog talks about the possibility of a recess appointment if that happens. I can’t find the article that I read last night discussing the idea that in the event of a Hillary or Bernie victory that President Obama gets appointed. It’s not unprecedented, William Taft was appointed as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in 1921, after his presidency. I’m not going to lie, Michelle, also a lawyer, would make a pretty badass appointee as well. (That is unprecedented.)

political scalia

Look, I make it a practice of never being happy when an individual dies, no matter how repugnant I may find them. I wish those close to him my most sincere condolences, but I think the court is in a position to be better for the American people. We shall see. In the meantime NPR has five opinions from Justice Scalia that you really should read. If nothing else, the man could write a mean dissent.

Anything Else? // I’ll admit that Scalia dominated dinner conversation between me and Mr. SFR last night and it’s still occupying my thoughts today. But I have also been doing some decent reading this week. Finished up at least one more book slated for the Tournament of Books. Started Oreo which is also on the Tournament of Books short list, but I’m finding myself exhausted by racial discourse recently. I’m aware that from the position of privilege from which I sit that’s not really a fair thing to say, but my frustration lies with people of my own privilege and station refusing to recognize it.

Simply by the virtue of the fact that I am white means I am privileged.

The fact that I am white and well educated makes me very privileged.

The fact that I am white, well educated, and socio-economically can be considered (at least) middle class makes me extremely privileged.

Why is that so hard for white people to say/recognize?

Lent // Of course I’m not Catholic, but I do like the practice of Lent and my goal is to get 7,000 steps in a day. I’ll tell you, a proactive goal is much harder than a goal of giving something up for me. Though in the reverse you could say that I’m giving up sitting on my ass. 🙂

Okay Reader, I’ve been a political minefield this morning. How’s your week been? Feelings on Justice Scalia? White privilege? Been reading any books?

April @ The Steadfast Reader


  • Sarah Says Read

    That tweet though <3

    I don't get why white people find the concept of white privilege so hard to accept. They get very weirdly defensive about it.

    • Right? I couldn’t resist it, which is why in the next paragraph I appear to be retracting myself. 🙂

      I don’t either, admitting our privilege doesn’t make us any less.

  • Bryan G. Robinson

    Week good. Feelings on Scalia? Let the shitstorm commence. White privilege? Yep, sadly, I have it, but I’m white, comes with the territory. Books? I have been reading books. Read Girl Waits with Gun last week. It was good, but not great. I wanted more action.

  • My husband had the GOP debate on last night. Listening to that in the background while watching memes and articles pop up on Facebook made for a very political evening!

    The YWCA in St. Louis has been running Witnessing Whiteness programs, ten weeks working through the book of the same name, for several years. Interest ballooned after Ferguson and we’re gradually building a community of people who recognize their own privilege and a lot of other things related to whiteness. I’m co-facilitating now and it’s really rewarding work — people who aren’t at all sure that they need something like this are astounding themselves by about half-way through.

  • Love your take on the proactive goal for Lent rather than giving something up! Maybe if I did that, I’d actually participate in Lent one of these days 🙂

  • I started Oreo last week as well, and am not super feeling it. Although to be fair, I’m on like page 10. And YES to your privilege comments! I try to explain this concept to my mother who thinks she is *not* privileged…. grrrrrrr

  • Hibernators Library

    I don’t expect that Obama will successfully be able to get someone into the Supreme court before he’s out of office. All I can do is hope, hope, hope that America will have some common sense when they elect the new president.

  • Wow, great discussion, April. I’m with you in thinking that the court could improve and I’d love to see Michelle nominated.