Three for One Thursday: Tournament of Books Reviewlettes

Posted 25 February, 2016 by April @ The Steadfast Reader in Reviews

Tournament of Books Reviewlettes


With seventeen books on the short list of Tournament of Books, it’s always unlikely that I’m going to get around to writing full reviews for all of them. That’s when I turn to my teeny-tiny reviewlettes! Enjoy!

Our Souls at Night by: Kent Haruf

One Sentence Synopsis: Two widowed octogenarians start a relationship based on sleeping in the same bed at night.

Itty bitty reviewlette: This was a gorgeous little book. Addie and Louis start their relationship merely by sleeping in the same bed and having someone to talk to in the dark, after years of being lonely because of the deaths of their spouses. This is a gorgeous book about the simple things that can be found in life, even at the most unexpected times. This is a book for those of us that love character studies. Not recommended if you need a great deal of action.

Rating: 4.5/5

The Whites by: Richard Price

One sentence synopsis: New York City police detective grapples with unsolved crime, corruption, conscience.

Itty bitty reviewlette: Meh. This is a crime novel that will probably be described as ‘gritty’. It really wasn’t for me. The ending had a certain appeal but overall I couldn’t bring myself to care about most of the characters, which of course, is way worse than hating them. Recommend for people who like ‘gritty’ crime fiction. Not for me.

Rating: 2.5/5

The Turner House by: Angela Flournoy

One sentence synopsis: A house in the rough part of Detroit that has seen the lives of a family of thirteen children and their parents may have to be sold.

Itty bitty reviewlette: I was really pleasantly surprised by this book. I felt Flournoy was smart not to break into the lives of all thirteen of the children, but to focus on a select few. I found an interesting juxtaposition between the older children, the parents, and the younger siblings. Still, there was a really ingrained sense of family in this book which I enjoyed. A great character novel where the characters are well written and fleshed out. Recommended.

Rating: 4/5

Whatcha think, Reader? Any of these appeal to you? How do you think they’ll fare in Tournament of Books 2016?


April @ The Steadfast Reader



10 Responses to “Three for One Thursday: Tournament of Books Reviewlettes”

  1. I’ve been back and forth about Our Souls at Night, but your thoughts are definitely moving it into the “forth” camp! I love character studies and great writing. And I’d love to get to Turner House at some point too. Now I just need some time…ha!

  2. JoAnn @ Lakeside Musing

    Our Souls at Night was such a beautiful little book and I have The Turner House waiting on my kindle, but am not sure The Whites is for me either. Love the reviewlette format!

  3. I also enjoyed Our Souls quite a bit… although the son’s hateful and spiteful actions pissed me off A LOT. I’m listening to The White right now, and feel similarly to you… meh. It’s fine, but not something I would likely have picked up if not for the TOB.

  4. Haha, gritty is one of those words that will completely turn me off a book. Gritty crime fiction is not for me either. I’m impressed you’re getting to so many of the short list books!

  5. Kelly Massry

    I’ll stay away from The Whites then! I think I know all I need to know about it now. I’ve read both Our Souls and The Turner House. Didn’t LOVE The Turner House but it was enjoyable enough – more of a 3/5 for me. And I agree on all counts about Souls – that son! But maybe his purpose was to add friction to what otherwise would’ve been a too-lovely narrative?
    In the middle of A Little Life now and am completely sucked in. I just want to ignore my family and read for the rest of the day.