Sunday Salon: Easter Edition

Posted 27 March, 2016 by April @ The Steadfast Reader in memes, musings


Time // 12:04 EDT.

Watching // DVRed episodes of The Walking Dead. Trying to catch up so me and Mr. SFR can watch the final episodes of this season together. Is there weird sexual tension between Rick and Michonne or is it me? Edit: Just finished the episode.. oh shit!

Also, Better Call Saul might be the most underrated show on television. I love it.

Joined // Snapchat. All the kids are doing it, you can find me there as steadfastreader. I’ve also been using a new app to track my water intake called Plant Nanny. It’s adorable and pretty effective. Apparently, your water intake should be based on your weight and activity level. Right now I’m supposed to be drinking 102 oz a day.

Plant Nanny

Plant Nanny

Playing //  Games with co-workers last night! We played Zombicide which is a totally bitchin’ cooperative game where you get to kill massive amounts of zombies. It was all fun and games until I was sacrificed to save the rest of the group. Easter appropriate.

Also started playing the computer game Factorio. It’s fun, but likely to be a giant time suck.

Reading // A bunch of stuff. Zadie Smith’s White Teeth, which I’m enjoying. A People’s History of the United States is hard listening, but I think absolutely necessary. Also still wending my way through Gaiman’s The Sandman.

Hmmm… I feel like there’s more, Reader but I guess I’ll have to edit the post as it come to me later. How’s your Easter Sunday going?

April @ The Steadfast Reader


  • Lori Boness Caswell

    Happy Easter!

  • There is SO sexual tension between those two, right?!?

  • AnneBennett

    I gave The Sandman a try and was too far removed from its beginning to make my way through it. I also started WHITE TEETH and didn’t finish it for some reason. Perhaps I should go back and give it a try, again. My Sunday Salon.

  • Molly Totoro

    I MUST get the Plant Nanny app …. I do a horrible job of drinking water throughout the day. Perhaps a fun app will help.

  • Oohh – I’m curious about my water intake! I feel like I drink a lot, but have never really counted.

  • Bryan G. Robinson

    Easter Sunday was good. Wanted to read but didn’t. Watched movies and TV instead.

    I think I read White Teeth. I know my wife enjoyed it, but I honestly don’t remember it that much.

    For some reason, I just don’t “get” Snapchat. I guess I’m just “old school”: Facebook and Twitter, that’s enough social media for me.

  • Darlene @ Lost in Literature

    I spent my Easter Sunday taking care of my sick Caleb. Honestly, I have no memory of the last time he was sick. He’s 17. His vomit is now adult sized. Sigh…but good news to his future wife….he is not a whiny baby when he’s sick. Parenting success!! (not really to my credit but I’ll take it…)

    And water….I’ve forgotten all about water. Must get reacquainted.

  • Sounds like its been … err .. pleasant? Zombies and Walking Dead and some good reads. Anyways, amazing writing on Better Call Saul – but then I don’t expect anything less from someone who wrote Breaking Bad.