It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Posted 30 May, 2016 by April @ The Steadfast Reader in memes, musings

fireman cover

Well, I went to Savannah on Friday with the husband for an impromptu holiday weekend for Memorial Day and some work detox. The problem is that Tropical Storm Bonnie came crashing into the east coast and it was a generally crappy time to be walking around in the outside. I say ‘problem’ but it was really not a problem for me, because it allowed me the weekend in the hotel room with Joe Hill’s newest novel, The Fireman. I finished up In a Dark, Dark Wood and meant to transition into another dead tree novel – but the husband was ready to turn the light off so I picked up my trusty Kindle instead.

The Fireman is a 768 page post apocalyptic chunkster. Naturally this means, I am loving it. I’m about halfway through and finding everything about it amazing.

Like I said, the weather in Savannah was crappy, but it didn’t stop me from eating all the things. I’m debating on whether or not to write a post about that. I need to write a review for In a Dark, Dark Wood – it’s the first BEA book that I’ve read that has been released – so that’s something to do.

I was thinking about joining Bryan in the 99 Days of Summer Blogging – but just in the next few weeks I have some pretty significant time commitments at work through trial week and being sent to GPSTC for training for another week, I’m just not sure that I can write anything worth reading every day for 99 days. I have a desire to revive the blog, but not to just hit the publish button just to publish. If I can get back to three times a week, I’ll feel okay.

So, it’s Monday! What are you reading? Turned into a little Sunday Salon as well. Let’s call it the best of both worlds. What are you reading, Reader?

April @ The Steadfast Reader


  • I am ashamed to admit that the cover of The Fireman makes it overlook it…but, post apocalyptic, you say? I’m heading over to GR now to find out more!

    • Oh, I agree – it’s awful! If it had been by anyone other than Joe Hill (or Stephen King, let’s be real) I probably would have overlooked it too.

  • Awh – I can only imagine that Savannah food! Jealous! And glad you’re enjoying The Fireman!

  • Time to read and amazing food? It sounds like a great trip to me!

  • kaori king

    The Fireman looks intriguing! Hmm I haven’t read big chunk books in a while. The last I read was Margareth I – hardcover, around 700-ish pages. And that was 2-3 yrs ago. Reading and eating, that’s heaven! Happy Monday!

  • I’ll read anything you write, my friend! But yes, daily blogging seems like a bit much. My current goal is 1-2x per week, which can even be hard sometimes. Glad you were able to get away for a mini vacay 🙂

  • Sorry the weekend getaway was a wet one! At least there was some great reading.

  • I probably would have passed up “The Fireman” based on the cover, but I do have a soft spot for apocalyptic thrillers, so I may just have to check it out!

  • Food post? DO. IT.

    More power to you if you do the 99 days. My brain freezes just thinking about it and I don’t have a job or a child. You’re brave.

  • Food … did someone say food?