Sunday Salon: Local Election

Posted 22 May, 2016 by April @ The Steadfast Reader in blogging, memes, musings

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Time // 12:26 P.M. EDT

Feeling //  Exhausted. So exhausted. The local Judge’s election is on Tuesday and the mudslinging has been epic. All of my non-work friends (and my husband) are exceedingly bored with me because at this point the election is all consuming and leading me to be extra snippy and just generally boring. Just keep swimming, April.

just keep swimming

Reading //  Just finished the upcoming Blake Crouch novel. Review forthcoming. Also working on the new George Saunders Lincoln in the Bardo, it’s very Faulkner-eqsue. Read: Fabulous. There are so many books from BEA waiting for me, this keeps me excited. I’m hoping to get some regular reviews going here again.

Living //  With the windows open! I feel like I need to start running again – partially because the stress of this election has me off the charts. I know that the endorphins from running would definitely help me more than stalking election sites on Facebook, but… effort.

Blogging // Yes, I saw all the BEA brou-ha-ha on Twitter this past week. I agree with most bloggers that it’s rather dated and boring. Let me be clear on my position. The sentiment that I largely agree with is this:

Publishers owe me nothing. In return, I owe publishers nothing. I have no problem with book bloggers that are able to monetize their blogs, as long as they are upfront about the monetization. That doesn’t necessarily make their opinions on books more or less valid than mine. Please stop telling me that I don’t know my worth. I know my worth. The thing is that the worth of me writing book reviews (or writing in general) is less than what I’m willing to accept to give this up as a hobby. Taking money for my blog turns this into a job. I have a job that I love, I don’t need another one – therefore – it’s not worth it to me to seek out paying opportunities to review. If this means that publishers don’t send me ARCs or I can’t attend BEA because I’m not actually a part of the industry – that’s okay. I guess what I’m trying to say to authors, bloggers, and Twitterers who try to say that if I’m not charging for my reviews I’m just another cog in the machine, is this:


There’s so much more going on in my head, Reader but, you guessed it! It’s mostly regarding this local election that bores everyone but those involved. Someone send me an easy way to Zen.

April @ The Steadfast Reader


  • debnance

    Oh my! Glad I missed that whole argument. I never want to take money for reviews. I am an amateur. I don’t really want to be anything else.

  • hillary roberts

    ha i saw that discussion also. Curiosity is killing me on if one can really make money book blogging so I am embarking up on a great experiment to see if it is possible. I have my doubts but like I said no one (that I know of) has really TRIED and I wanna know!

  • I missed all the Twitter hoopla about blogging and books or rather I saw a few tweets and then closed the app. I agree with everything you said here about it. Maybe people should focus on their own path and not worry too much about what others are doing. And yes, about all the books waiting for me from BEA…I think I will just return all my library books and cancel all holds and dive into a few. I didn’t do it two years ago and ended up donating most of them.

  • I missed the Twitter hoopla too…as I usually do since I don’t spend much time there! But, I have paid attention to this debate in general over the past year or so and I think each blogger needs to do what’s best for them, their blog, and their personal life. I’d love to see a blueprint for someone who can successfully make money as a book blogger, though.

    • Yes, I’m very interested if it’s actually possible considering how little ‘real’ journalists and reviewers make. …and I don’t mean like Ashley at NoseGraze, who seems to be making excellent money blogging – but it’s through computer literacy and programming know-how, not reviewing.

  • Preach!!!!!!!! I’m super enthusiastic about this hobby of mine. I fear it becoming a job, because I know I wouldn’t enjoy it as much.

  • Oh, April…I love how reserved you are in your opinions. 😆 You already know the only two things I find completely contemptible in a book blogger (and about which I will shank someone): plagiarism and selling ARCs.

  • Is the monetization debate STILL a thing? 😛