Sunday Salon: Excuses Edition

Posted 26 June, 2016 by April @ The Steadfast Reader in memes, musings

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Forgive me internet, for I have sinned and it has been nineteen days since my last blog post. Well, it’s been nineteen days since my last blog post, anyway. I was going to start writing on the regular and … et cetera et cetera.

Let’s start with something relevant to the blog, like what I’ve been reading. I’m probably 100 pages shy of finishing The Fireman and it has been wholly enjoyable. I’m working my way through Before the Fall by Noah Hawley so I can book-club it with my new local-bookish-BFF who also happens to be dating my General Counsel from work. I also just got a magical care package from Catherine at Gilmore Guide to Books with Sweetbitter and an upcoming Shirley Jackson biography which was the one book I really wanted but wasn’t able to get my hands on at BEA. (I promise Catherine, that Kindle Paperwhite will be in the mail this week…)

So, what’s been going on? Well, last Sunday Salon (three weeks ago?) I told you I was taking a case to trial that I desperately didn’t want to. It was a win… ish. Eight count accusation, seven acquittals and one conviction on the charge the defense attorney went in telling the jury to convict on. Sentencing pretty much went my way though, so… win? Doesn’t matter, it’s over. While that jury was still out deliberating I had to pick another jury and try another case, it was utterly exhausting.

The Friday of the week of all the jury trials I had to leave after work to go to a intensive week long training starting the next day (SATURDAY) in BEAUUUUTIFUL Forsyth, Georgia where I proceeded to work twelve to sixteen hour days for the next six days. That was the same week that the Pulse shooting happened and that the alligator ate the baby at Disney World and I just couldn’t with the internet.

I came home and Mr. SFR was gone and The Girl was with my mother and really all I could do was collapse into my bed and watch trashy television until last Wednesday. At that point I went back to work and had to bury myself in that… so no blogging.

Which brings us to today… I think it’s time to get reading. What’s new with you, Reader?

April @ The Steadfast Reader


  • Bryan G. Robinson

    I don’t blame you at all with the not blogging, especially during the last few weeks. I had started doing a 99 Days of Summer Blogging with some other bloggers and then decided nah. I’m glad I’m not doing it now. Today, I’m just reading a few short things and slowly. No rush. Next weekend, I have a four-day weekend and hope to get some more reading in, but not pressuring myself either.

    • I almost joined you in the 99 Days of Blogging, but I knew I had those three weeks of crazy time commitments and I’d never make it. I’m trying not to feel pressured by my Goodreads goal – but I’m 15 books behind and feeling really pressured. 🙂

  • Sometimes there’s nothing better than crashing on a soft surface with trashy tv. 🙂

  • debnance

    It’s okay. Sometimes we all need time to recharge.

  • Leonie Clarkinaus

    No excuses necessary !!

  • Alison Law

    My husband and I just finished Before the Fall. I’m eager to hear what you and your “new local-bookish-BFF” think of it.

  • Laura @ Shabby Rabbit

    I’m eager to get to a Joe Hill. I’v seen Horns (which I did love) and I’m dying to know his writing style!!!
    Wow you ARE busy! Friend of mine is the county Attny here so I know the work load on both sides is nuts. Decompress.. relax and take care of you too!! 🙂

    • Oh I LOVE Joe Hill. I’ve read everything he’s written including his graphic novels. I still need to watch Horns – I just keep forgetting 🙂 Definitely check one of his out. I recommend anything but NOS4A2, though plenty of people enjoyed that.

  • Before the Fall is great out-of-control reading. Not prefect but good enough you’ll enjoy all the way through- if the Cunningham character doesn’t make you want to shatter your Kindle screen. he’s way too close to reality.

    Prying minds want to know: what trashy TV? Did you watch the O.J. documentary? Or is that too close to legal home? It was disgusting- well done but he’s odious.

    Can’t wait to hear what you think of Sweetbitter. I just finished another one (very short) I think you would really enjoy: How to Set a Fire and Why.

    • I do want to shank Cunningham real bad. Who are we thinking? Bill O’Reilly? Glenn Beck?

      I STILL haven’t watched the OJ documentary OR television show… I watched It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia when I was trying to get some sleep and The Americans (SO good.) when I was trying to be entertained but not reading. 🙂

      • I’m thinking an amalgam of O’Reilly, Larry King (suspenders) and Trump. Odious no matter what. Definitely shankable.

  • Ha! Your opening line is perfect. I really want to read Sweetbitter now and really excited to read the Shirley Jackson bio too. I’m exhausted just reading about what you do at work and completely stayed away from internet with all the news crap that’s going/went on. I just can’t deal with any of it anymore. Have a great week!

    • I think Sweetbitter might be next up after finishing Before the Fall, though I’m really itching to read War Porn too….

  • So freaking busy, no need to apologize! I hope you have some calmer days headed your way.

  • Never. Never make excuses. Most of us have interferences from life that prevent our blogging as much as we would like to. 🙂 Work must take priority! Glad you got some down time. Your schedule will allow more time soon, I’m certain of it! 😉