Sunday Salon: Hello July

Posted 3 July, 2016 by April @ The Steadfast Reader in blogging, memes, musings

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With June gone and July beginning in earnest I’m feeling the pressure of my Goodreads challenge weighing down upon me. I’m fifteen books behind schedule and I’m not sure I’m going to be able to pull out of this nosedive before the end of the year. I guess next year I’ll have to plan for job stress and family things.

I only managed to make it through four books last month and I’m hoping that I’ll do better in July. I’m working on Ben Winters’ Underground Airlines which is a thoughtful speculative fiction title due out on Tuesday. I’m also listening to Cronin’s The City of Mirrors which is the final book in The Passage trilogy.

In meteorological news, it’s so hot. I grew up in the south and have been back in Georgia for about three years now, but I never get over how damn hot it gets. We just got back from the pool. I hate the sun. I hate being tan. I hate burning more than all that. DESPITE all that I’m thinking that this summer I should take up swimming – because it’s aerobic and it keeps me cooler than running does in the 98+ degree heat. Still thinking the thoughts, trying to make a decision.

My best good friend (who also happens to be my trial assistant) came to the pool today with her boyfriend. I think that we’re about to embark on an evening of board games, booze, and fun. She has a DC Comics Deck Building Game that I suspect will be an excellent time as well as a Japanese board game that I haven’t played yet, but I am looking forward to.

Anyway. That’s my weekend thus far, Readers. What about you? Read anything worth reading? Done anything worth doing? 

April @ The Steadfast Reader


  • Yes to the swimming! 98 degree heat (plus God knows what humidity %) and running don’t mix!

  • Darlene @ Lost in Literature

    Just home from vacation. Having some out of town guests for the holiday weekend. They are also coming to bring Lindsay a care package for her up-coming trip to Uganda.
    Right now I’m reading The Road. Previous to that I read Truelove’s Journal. A novella I got on Kindle and I just cried the sad cry. I really liked it. It was super sad so it’s hard to recommend, but I still loved it and I was smiling at the end. Sigh….

  • Swimming is awesome- you don’t sweat!

    As for Goodreads- cut your goal now and then you can feel like a hero later when you pass it.

  • There’s no shame in just changing your GR goal…. I did it last year, and have no regrets. You can always change it back if you get on a roll later in the year 🙂

  • I’m so, so curious what you ended up thinking about Underground Airlines. I read it last month, too, and I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about it. Let’s just say that the NYT feature and the Twitter reception of it on Tuesday has me feeling… conflicted.

    • Goes live Monday! I didn’t know about the NYT feature or the Twitter backlash until you told me… then they became a part of my review 🙂