Sunday Salon: Grief

Posted 10 July, 2016 by April @ The Steadfast Reader in Reviews

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Time // 10:20 A.M. EDT

Feeling // Torn, sad, exhausted. I’m trying to figure out how to get myself off of social media because I’m losing my damn mind with it. The mental gymnastics required to be a moderate during these polarized times is exhausting. It should not be so damned hard to want basic human rights for all people and to support the brave men and women in law enforcement who put their lives on the line every day to protect our communities. I truly believe that the two are not mutually exclusive. That’s about all you’re going to get from me. If me not engaging with this on social media makes you want to categorize me as someone who is a part of the problem because I’m not ‘speaking out’… well, bye Felisha. Let’s just all remember that online presence isn’t everything. Many people do good works quietly.

Reading // … not a whole lot. Read the Alex + Ada graphic novels this past week, hopefully I will get around to doing a review. I’m still listening to the audio of The City of Mirrors. Other than that I’ve having a bit of a reading slump. I started a couple of books due out in August but nothing really took. I need to release my FOMO regarding books and just read what I want to read. Now if I could just figure out what that was.

Playing // A ton of Ticket to Ride both online and in-person. Mr. SFR said he felt like a ‘train widower’, but he bought me the tabletop version of the European map. I’ve been playing the U.S. map since about 2006 so it’s a fun new variation. I’m also currently obsessed with deck building games like Tanto Cuore, DC Comics Deck Building (nerdiness squared – comics and board games – yes, please), and Dominion.

How was your week, Reader?

April @ The Steadfast Reader


  • Wow, I really like your blog!
    The book I read last week that I keep pushing on sundry and all is Sunset City, by Melissa Ginsburg — a dark and shocking noir thriller set in Houston, Texas. It was recommended to me by the great Sarah Weinman, who knows from crime fiction.

  • Bryan G. Robinson

    I’ve been fairly quiet on social media lately, at least in regards to what’s going on in the world. I think others are saying it much better than I could, especially those (unfortunately) much closer to the “situations.”

    I don’t FOMO. I’m just glad to be catching up on the last 10 to 20 years or even more.

  • I feel 150% the same as you regarding my reading right now and staying off of social media. I want to just hear about my friends and family who are doing positive things and reading negative commentary is not working for me. So I stay away and deeply care offline.