Friday Musings: A Return to Paper

Posted 30 December, 2016 by April @ The Steadfast Reader in blogging, books and publishing, Reading

I’ve been using a Kindle since the first generation was released in 2007, when it was going for $400. I was stationed in Europe and my parents bought it for me for Christmas that year. I loved it instantly, though being overseas I was unable to use the bitchin’ WhisperNet feature which was disappointing. Since then I’ve owned a few of the other models including the PaperWhite and I currently use the Voyage. I’ve bought Kindles for my husband, my mother, friends, and my sister. I have been a huge proponent of eReaders from the very beginning.

Lately, however, my enthusiasm for my Kindle has waned. I actually bought a couple of dead tree novels (not graphic novels or coffee table books) for the first time in years. I’ve been working my way (slowly) through the books that I picked up at BEA. I’m not sure what exactly has changed after nine years of steady reading on a Kindle. The conveniences of the Kindle are unparalleled, all the books on a tiny device, the backlight on certain models allowing me to read long after my husband has turned out the light, etc.

What has prompted this return to paper? I can’t exactly say. Maybe it’s the insidious creep of technology into all facets of our lives all the time. Maybe it’s the constant staring at screens all day, every day – sometimes even in court. Maybe it’s just simply nostalgia for a simpler time that is unlikely to come again. Whatever it is, it’s sent me into a renaissance of paper books. I was at Barnes and Noble yesterday looking forward to the Tournament of Books 2017 and I bought five…  five hard cover books. They’re more expensive, more bulky, and less convenient than my Kindle but I think I’m going to ride this train while it lasts.

What about you, Reader? I know there are those out there who have never taken to eReaders, is there anyone else who used to love them but now has a craving for paper books again?

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13 Responses to “Friday Musings: A Return to Paper”

  1. I say ride away. I flop back and forth, and tend to prefer physical books, but you’re so right, the ease of the kindle can’t be beat. I’m looking forward to ToB, but that long list… SO LONG. Which five did you pick up, curious minds want to know?

  2. This is interesting! I didn’t realize you’d been a mostly e-reader (I am too). The convenience really is unparalleled and that’s important for me right now b/c I’m doing lots of my reading while on the go with my kids (sports practices, playground, etc). I also find highlighting much easier and love being able to “Export Notes” for library books and books purchased from Amazon..having a PDF doc of quotes and being able to copy and paste into the blog is such a godsend.
    But, I did read 2 hard copy books last year, which is 2 more than I’d read in years. It was fine, but I found I was only really able to read them once I got in bed…I had other books going on my e-reader for taking with me throughout the day.
    Will be interested to hear how this experiment goes!

  3. I was an e-reader for years and switched to mostly paper for the last few, but I’ve been going back to more e-reading lately. Both definitely have their perks for me, but I have noticed that it’s been a little easier for me to DNF e-books – whether that’s good or bad, I’m still not sure!

  4. As a person who became an e-reader solely thanks to your generosity it would seem that we’ve switched places! I’m reading more e-books now than ever. There is something about reading in bed in the dark that makes falling asleep even easier. I still LOVE paper, but right now e is winning.

  5. I’ve actually always had a strong preference for paper books, unless I’m travelling. This year, I’m hoping to make more of a concerted effort to read my ebooks. They just don’t stare me down and demand to be read the way books on my shelves do!

  6. I’m a pretty dedicated ereader. I’ve had one since the beginning as well, and can’t seem to leave the house without it. That being said, I do go through periods when I prefer to read real books. I don’t know what prompts them. But my main problem with real books is font size. I’m from North America and now living in the UK and it’s a proven fact that font size in british books is TINY! I mean, really small. Love being able to blow up the font size on my ereader for when my eyes get a little tired.

  7. I myself prefer paper to e-readers, which is probably not surprising given my Luddite tendencies … but to me the important thing is TO READ, and anything that gets a body reading is good! 🙂