Sunday Salon: On a Tuesday

Posted 27 December, 2016 by April @ The Steadfast Reader in blogging, musings

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Hello dear Readers, all four of you left out there. We’re reaching the end of the year which is always a time for reflection and plans. It’s a time to look back and see what we’ve done poorly and try to figure out how to be better in the coming year. While I can’t say that 2016 as a whole has been terrible for me, the past few months have been trying. This year my reading and blogging have both taken a serious hit. Some of this is because of working more, which is going well for the most part, some of this is because my anxiety and depression have been threatening to overwhelm me the past few months and I’m a little at a loss of what to do about that.

When I say I’m at a loss, I mean I’m at a loss of easy things to do about my depression and anxiety. Ignoring them and hoping they go away hasn’t been overly successful. It’s time to start (re)cultivating healthy habits and figuring out what’s going to work to make me a better person. I see two clear things I can do in front of me. One is a return to mental health self-care instead of ignoring my feelings and hoping they go away. I’m going to have to face some issues that I’ve had pent up for some time and work through them instead of continuing to let them fester. The second is a return to my running. I’m setting a goal to run the Disney marathon in January of 2018. A year is more than enough time to train for a marathon, especially since I’m not setting any time goal for myself. I just want to finish.

I’m hoping that through these two things, more plans and positive changes will make themselves apparent and I can work on strengthening my marriage, being a better mother, and perhaps figuring out what it is I want to do when I grow up and how to get there.

But what was good?

2016 wasn’t a complete wash for me. Good things happened and good things continue to happen. I’ve been at my current job for about eighteen months now, and I have to say my coworkers are fucking phenomenal people. It’s not much of a stretch to say that more or less, most of us are pretty much family to each other, and I’ll tell you ladies and gentleman – that ain’t nothing. Every time I start to feel frustrated or bored with the work, I remember what exceptional and meaningful relationships I’ve forged over the past year and a half. I am ridiculously grateful for that.

Speaking of relationships. 2016 allowed me to go to BEA and meet with some of the truly exceptional men and women that make up this community. While The Socratic Salon has lapsed and the five of us have moved on and gotten busy elsewhere, getting to meet Catherine, Marisa, Shannon (again), and many others was one of the highlights of my year. As always, I can’t not mention the beautiful and talented Monika and Jennifer, our chatting has been sporadic lately, but it’s so good to have friendships you can just pick up where you left off.

Since we’re on the topic of bloggers and blogging I think it’s time for me to make a decision on what to do around here. My reading has been low this year, I hope to address that in another post, and my writing has fallen off as well. I’m not going to set any hard fast rules for what’s going to happen here, but I do think that a certain element of my self care is going to be writing more, sometimes even when I don’t feel like it. I don’t know if that means reviews, or talking about my running (boring, I know), or what – but I have decided to renew the domain and host (largely due to the pep talk I got from Catherine)

Aside: As I was writing this I just found out Carrie Fisher died. Seriously 2016, what the fuck?

Anyway. Life is fleeting and this is all there is. Let’s look forward and decide to be better together. Shall we? 

April @ The Steadfast Reader



15 Responses to “Sunday Salon: On a Tuesday”

  1. Leonie Clarkinaus

    Dear april ,
    I have often wanted to comment and answer your blog writings , always riverting and so well written but i never get too due to who knows but i want you to know i always read eagerly and you are a champion reader in my book , so well done you
    Just know i am out here reading appreciating and will be barracking you along your marathon journey , its been a shit year for a lotof us me included , together let us face 2017 with inner strength and dare i say a sense of optimism
    Dont worry , i wiil be reading and with a whiff of resolution i will try to comment .
    Cheers leonie from Melbourne xxx

  2. I’m glad Catherine gave you a pep talk and you decided to stick around. No rules here, do what you want. I loved meeting you this year and reading this post felt familiar. I can’t say this was a terrible year either (overall) but it didn’t end well and somehow the last few months had a way of sucking some of the joy out of the other 10. Be well and good luck with the running. Post about it…maybe it will inspire others to follow suit (ahem…me) 🙂

  3. Girl, I hear you. We love you, and I will read anything you write whenever you want to write it. It’s hard to find balance in life, that’s for sure. And I just saw in your other comments that the long list is out… what! I missed the memo and need to check on that ASAP!

  4. Bryan G. Robinson

    Yay to renewing your host and domain. AND I just proved you wrong, with being the FIFTH person to comment here. Ha!

  5. Meeting (and rooming with) you was easily the best part of BEA. I cannot believe how many of the books we brought home were duds. Sigh.

    Even in a good year you have a lot on your plate. Now you’re basically a single mother working full-time- which you know is no slam on your husband but he’s stationed in another state! Add on a shitfest of a year and it’s impossible to see the bright side. Seriously, you know at this point I’m reasonably certain we’re heading into the apocalypse.

    Hhhmmm…this wasn’t as peppy as I meant it to be. You’ve got the together part because I’m always here when you need to vent. Words for 2017: persevere, resist, empower, breathe. ❤️