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Tournament of Books Thursday: Teeny Tiny Review-lettes

Posted 5 March, 2015 by April @ The Steadfast Reader in Reviews


I promised you reviews of these two books this week – but holy cow. This is the second week of my full time employment and trying to ‘have it all’ is freaking exhausting. But no matter! The book blogosphere is full of amazing people who write amazing things. So without further ado, I’m going to present my (very) brief review-lettes as well as some amazing reviews of these books from others in the community.

Everything I Never Told You by: Celeste Ng
Super-short synopsis: A mixed race family in 1970’s Ohio must face the unexplained death of their daughter/sister who had the seemingly perfect life…
Personal thoughts: I liked this book well enough – but it lacked the wow factor that I felt like many reviewers gave it. The mystery behind Lydia’s death along with the family dynamics make this an extremely readable and compelling book.
As far as The Tournament goes: Check the brackets.
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The Bone Clocks by: David Mitchell
Super-short synopsis: Cradle to grave story of Holly Sykes. Explores many characters relating to Holly’s life as well as supernatural occurrences.
Personal thoughts: I’m a sucker for good character heavy stories as well as cradle to grave stories. The extra supernatural element was a little extraneous for me — but still fit in most excellently.
As far as The Tournament goes: Check the brackets. Also I think that The Bone Clocks has the ability to win it all!!!
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Have you read either of these reader? Have you read Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell? What do you think? 


April @ The Steadfast Reader