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Sunday Salon: Reading on Vacation

Posted 4 September, 2016 by April @ The Steadfast Reader in memes, Reading

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Good morning, Readers! It’s been a hot minute since I checked in here, but there are things going on and there is reading being done. While on vacation I made it through a fair amount of books. I hit up a wide array of books, making it through all of the current Wicked + Divine graphic novels that are available to date, as well as the first volume of Chew, which was not nearly as gross as I had anticipated. I managed to get through Graham Moore’s novel, The Last Days of Night, Lionel Shriver’s amazing economic dystopia The Mandibles: A Family, 2029 – 2047, and last but definitely not least was Amor Towles’ excellent historical fiction piece A Gentleman in Moscow. What I realized by the copious amount of reading I was able to get through on my vacation is that my main problem with my lack of reading these days is work. C’est la vie.

Now, a week back in the real world, I’ve started Herman Koch’s newest Dear Mr. M, so far its just as twisty as his other two novels, but I’m not sure where it’s going yet. I’m still working on Mischling, though not very studiously – it may be a bit too harrowing for what I need to be reading right now. We’ll see. I’m also thinking of starting The Mothers by Brit Bennett.

Had the pleasure of going to the Decatur Book Festival with Katie yesterday. We agreed that we’re super psyched about books in the moment, listening to the authors on the panels but over dinner got realistic on what we were actually going to read. Garrard Conley gave a pretty brilliant talk on a panel about changing ideas of masculinity that definitely piqued my interest in his memoir Boy Erased, which tells of going through conversion therapy as a boy. Jim Obergefell was there too, and he was incredibly inspiring when talking about why he chose to go forward with what became the landmark Supreme Court case making marriage equality the supreme law of the land. I’m extremely interested in his book, Love Wins.

We went and heard a few more talks which were all interesting in their own rights, but didn’t strike me the way Conley and Obergefell did.

So Reader? What have you been reading? 

April @ The Steadfast Reader



Sunday Salon: Love Wins Edition

Posted 28 June, 2015 by April @ The Steadfast Reader in memes, musings

Time // 1:50 PM EDT.

Watching // Somehow I’ve gotten sucked into a Naked and Afraid marathon on The Discovery Channel. It’s like a train wreck that I can’t look away from.

Reading // I’m looking. I finished The Beautiful Bureaucrat this week and I’m looking for something as satisfying and readable as that.

Celebrating // The inevitable Supreme Court decision that makes marriage equality the law of the land in The States. The best summary of the 103 page opinion and dissents can be found in Haiku format at McSweeney’s.  I also love what Twitter did with the love wins hashtag.

The fact that SCOTUS left the ACA in tact is also a decision that shouldn’t be overlooked. I won’t say my faith in SCOTUS was restored, but I’m feeling better about them.

I’m also starting a new job, the bad part is that it’s going to be a fifty mile commute – and getting outside of Atlanta is going to be a bitch, but the good part is that it’s going to give me plenty of time to listen to audiobooks, oh, and more money.

Listening // I’ve started on the fourth volume of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower on audio. It’s a re-read, so far so good. I’m less familiar with the fifth through the seventh books so if things are going to be challenging that’s where the challenge is going to be.

Waxing // The gouda! Instead of waxing it in a wheel I cut it into fourths and learned why this isn’t traditionally done, it takes three times as much wax and twice as much time. But at the same time I found with my last batch that once I cut into the wheel it started to turn fairly quickly. The wheels are about five and a half inches in diameter and 3 inches thick, so it’s a lot of cheese.


Looking ‘gouda’!

What happened in your week, Reader?


April @ The Steadfast Reader