The John Irving Project

This project, like it’s sister The Stephen King Project was born from an idea that I blatantly stole from Rory over at Fourth Street Review. I’m also working on Margaret Atwood. Here, I’m working on reading my way through John Irving’s complete bibliography. 

After compiling my lists for the Atwood and King projects, John Irving looks positively simple. But we all know that most John Irving novels seem deceptively simple right before they pull you under with deep themes and flawlessly portrayed characters. 

Also, please note that my Goodreads reviews are often much less in-depth than my reviews on the blog. (I’m just saying don’t judge me on my one line Goodreads reviews.) The titles in red without links are books that I read before joining Goodreads in 2008. They are titles most likely to get re-read.

  1. Setting Free the Bears (1968)
  2. The Water-Method Man (1972)
  3. The 158-Pound Marriage (1974)
  4. The World According to Garp (1978)
  5. The Hotel New Hampshire (1981)
  6. The Cider House Rules (1985)
  7. A Prayer for Owen Meany (1989)
  8. A Son of the Circus (1994)
  9. Trying to Save Piggy Sneed (collection, 1996)
  10. A Widow for One Year (1998)
  11. The Fourth Hand (2001)
  12. A Sound Like Someone Trying Not to Make a Sound (2004)
  13. Until I Find You (2005)
  14. Last Night in Twisted River (2009)
  15. In One Person (2012)
  16. Avenue of Mysteries (forthcoming)

  1. The Imaginary Girlfriend (1995)
  2. My Movie Business (1999)
Last updated: 28 Mar 2014